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About ALDA C

Alda Chahine's life is crafted by a passion for art and nature. Born in Beirut, Alda Chahine pursued beauty and harmony from a young age. Moulded by curiosity, Alda has a rich background in architecture, political sciences, classical ballet and painting. These diverse elements melt together to create jewellery design with a signature twist. The essence of each handmade piece is a poetic celebration of curves, femininity, Baroque flavour and modern elegance. Luxurious necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches come to life with precious and semi-precious stones and silver (925) and gold plating.

Most of the pieces are one-of-a-kind creations, adding to the exclusive charm. The designs seem to dance with dynamism, inviting the senses to journey into glamour. The Baroque spirit heightens the motion and detail, creating drama, tension and grandeur. This couples with contemporary vision to crescendo into unique pieces that are timeless. The diversity of styles makes the expressive jewellery ideal for special occasions and for day wear. Alda Chahine's originals are a hymn to women with personality. A bold statement with solid presence.

Alda Chahine's creations have been showcased and well-received at many exhibitions in Lebanon, the Middle East and Europe. Her designs can be found in many shops around the world.
Beauty, character, brilliance…jewelry that speaks the language of femininity.
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